Watching Love Island as an Intellectual

After the longest year of all our lives Love Island finally returns to our TVs tonight at 9pm (like I need to remind you). And although there are many of us who understand the sheer joy that comes from such a program, there are some people (idiots) who write the program off as ‘trashy’, ‘uncomplex’... Continue Reading →

Get a guy that can do both

I get a great joy in life out of looking through the cast list for a film, seeing an actor’s name and wondering "why the heck are they in this?”. I feel that way about Colin Firth’s entire career. There are certain actors that know their genre and stick to it. Hugh Grant is a... Continue Reading →

Justice for Mulan

With the recent remakes of many classic Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast, the current remakes underway (hello Beyonce in Lion King), and the introduction of new Disney princesses such as Elsa, it feels like Disney has taken over at the moment. Especially with stores capitalising so well on these new crazes, honestly... Continue Reading →

The death of the teen magazine

15 year-old Lydia had asked for a Sugar magazine subscription for her birthday in October 2010. She wanted to fill her days doing quizzes to find out which Jonas Brother she was most like (omg his favourite colour is red too! #fate), discovering which cute clothes were in Tammy Girl this month, and building up... Continue Reading →

How to Instagram

In case you haven’t noticed or maybe you don’t follow me (in which case why?? You are missing out on some top quality content, or at least the occasional pun) I’ve recently been attempting to make my Instagram more put together and aesthetically pleasing. I’ve been trying to make my life more put together too... Continue Reading →


For Emma Who told me to write about the weather This is something I just threw together For your reading pleasure So join me on this little endeavour All thanks to our pal Emma   I woke up one morning and it was white I had originally planned to go to the gym So naturally... Continue Reading →

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